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Php Mysqli Select

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1 Php: Mysqli::select_db - Manual
Note that in the second example, if the database "world" does not exist, the database selected does not change. You may need to add additional code to ensure that you are connected to the correct database.

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2 Php: Mysqli::select_db - Manual
Selecciona la base de datos por defecto que se utilizará para realizar las consultas, en la conexión activa. Nota: Esta función debería ser usada solo para cambiar la …

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3 Php Mysqli_query() Function - W3schools
Return Value: For successful SELECT, SHOW, DESCRIBE, or EXPLAIN queries it will return a mysqli_result object. For other successful queries it will return TRUE.

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4 'mysqli' For Beginners - Codular
Introduction. Nearly every site that you visit nowadays has some sort of database storage in place, many sites opt to use MySQL databases when using PHP.

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5 Php Mysql 简介 | 菜鸟教程 -
php mysql 简介 通过 php,您可以连接和操作数据库。 mysql 是跟 php 配套使用的最流行的开源数据库系统。 如果想学习更多 mysql 知识可以查看本站 mysql 教程。 mysql 是什么? mysql 是一种在 web 上使用的数据库系统。 mysql 是一种在服务器上运行的数据库系统。

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6 Php Examples - W3schools
PHP Sorting Arrays. sort() - Sort array in ascending alphabetical order sort() - Sort array in ascending numerical order rsort() - Sort array in descending alphabetical order

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