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1 Automatic Switchblade Flick Knife Kits & Parts
Automatic Switchblade Flick Knife Kits & Parts Giving The World The Ability To Create, Build, Fix & Repair

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2 Knife Making - Parts | Knife Making Kits & …
Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. Advanced Search

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3 Knife Making Kits & Supplies | Knifekits.com
Cook's Molds - Holster Molding Prop - for Glock 19 Gen 5 (w/TLR6) (Natural)

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4 Knife - Wikipedia
Knife blades can be manufactured from a variety of materials, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Carbon steel, an alloy of iron and carbon, can be very sharp.

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5 Sarco, Inc. - Knives
SARCO, INC. is the world’s largest supplier of “hard to find” repair and replacement gun parts. Whether it be original US GI replacement gun parts or newly manufactured replacements, you can find it at Sarco. We carry many obsolete gun parts as well as the standard gun parts people need today such as AR15, M16, M14, AK47, FAL, .50 cal and ...

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6 Papco Parts - Welcome
Papco Parts for Patty Machines, Tenderizers, Meat Saws, Food Cutters, Slicers, Dough Mixers, Butcher Saws, and for all your food service equipment needs.

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7 Parts & Accessories - Mclane Mowers Made …
Subscribe to our mailing list! Get the latest on new offers and product arrivals.

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8 Great Southern Gun & Knife Shows - Buy, Sell, …
Great Southern Gun and Knife Shows serving KENNER LA (New Orleans Area), BIRMINGHAM AL, JACKSON MS. Come see the hundreds of tables full of new and old guns, knives, ammo, gun parts, reloading supplies, holsters and other related products at discounted prices.

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9 New & Used Printing Equipment Along With Parts & …
Get new and sometimes good used parts along with excellent technical support by phone for many brands of equipment.

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10 Home - Peter Hay Knife Ltd.
Peter Hay Knife: Custom Machining Specialists REPAIRING, MACHINING AND MANUFACTUING OF PARTS Peter Hay Knife is a general machine shop that has served Cambridge and all …

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11 Kbh Equipment | Extra Strength Farm Equipment …
coulter blades 19.94 x .157 13.4 lbs each 5 1/4 spacing; sku# 120004 $38.92/ea

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12 Home - Tiffin Parts
Standard and custom manufactured replacement parts for Prentice, Sky Trak, Lull, Tigercat, Pettibone Cranes and Toyota forklift engines.

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13 Knife Parts | Gerber, Kershaw, Benchmade & More | …
This is where you will find replacement knife parts including springs, and screws. This is also where you can find customized scales if you are looking to make some modifications to the look of your knife.

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14 Crkt Knives - Columbia River Knife And Tool
We create innovative, top quality knives and tools by working with the world’s leading knife designers.

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15 Search Now For Replacement Parts & Accessories ...
Parts & Accessories Keep your Hamilton Beach products working efficiently with our replacement coffee carafes, filters and blender parts and accessories.

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16 Ningbo Combine Machinery Co., Ltd.-ningbo …
Combine has 10 years of experience of exporting machinery parts from business of bearings. Also have been in the line of Agricultural spare parts for more than 10 years, serving more than 60 countries.

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17 Welcome To Gnarly Parts & Accessories Inc - …
Welcome to Gnarly.ca . We have made lots of changes to help you with your shopping experience. Finding items for your machine is a lot easier but if you need anything that isn't on our site please contact us as we usually can get anything.

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18 Parts Request - Benchmade.com
Parts Requests Here at Benchmade, our team is committed to manufacturing products with the quality and craftsmanship you deserve. With proper maintenance and care, our …

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19 Cane Knife - Wikipedia
A cane knife is a large hand-wielded cutting tool similar to a machete. Its use is prevalent in the harvesting of sugarcane in dominant cane-growing countries such as Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, South Africa, Ecuador, Cuba, Jamaica, the Philippines and parts of the United States, especially Louisiana and Florida, as well as Hawaii.

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20 Swiss Knife Shop Featuring Victorinox Swiss Army ...
Swiss Knife Shop featuring Victorinox Swiss Army, Leatherman, Zwilling J.A. Henkels, Wusthof, and other quality brands.

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21 Www.texasknife.com
We are currently out of print catalogs. Click here to download our 2017-2018 version. Click here to download a Mail Order form.

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22 Knivesandknifemaking.com - Damascus Hunting …
Hammered Damascus Tracker Knife Stag Handle Hunting Skinning Knives Blades Blade Knife $136.45 $126.45 ($10 off!)

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23 Smkw - Home Page | Smoky Mountain Knife Works
Smoky Mountain Knife Works, the largest knife store, has folding knives, fixed knives, and all types of knives for sale, from Case, Buck, SOG, Benchmade, etc.

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24 Tsr Parts - Colgate, North Dakota 58046 - Straw …
tsr parts, inc. is your headquarters for improving the straw chopper performance of both your john deere and your axial flow ih and case ih combines.

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25 Modularhose.com -modular Hose For Industrial …
The Loc-Line Modular Hose system available from ModularHose.com comes in four different hose diameters along with a multitude of nozzles, fittings and accessories suitable to virtually every industry.

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26 Butterfly Knife - Balisong - Butterfly Knives For Sale
Buy Butterfly Knives, aka Balisong or Fan Knife, is a folding pocket knife that counter rotates around the tang so that the blade resides concealed inside the butterfly knife grooved handle.

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27 Harpsichords By Zhi: Parts
Benches; Matching bench kit premium-grade oak, cherry, walnut & etc. $625.00: Finished Matching Bench Matching bench premium-grade wood finished un-upholstered

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28 Folding Pocket Knife Hardware Kit | Rockler …
Add two slim pieces of wood for the handles, and this kit will yield a custom folding knife that's a cut above the rest. Shape the handles from the material of your choice, whether from the scrap bin or from our wide selection of pre-cut scales.

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29 Cabinet Parts – Great Lakes Antique Phonographs
We carry a wide variety of replacement parts for cabinets from wood to hardware. If you don’t find what you are looking for EMAIL or call us.

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30 Ultimateknifestore.com - Damascus Hunting …
(Knife Kit) Build Your Own Black Powder Coated High Carbon Steel Guthook Knife with Green & Black G-10 Handles and Mosaic Pin Combo Blank Hunting

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31 Switches - Knife | All Electronics Corp.
14928 Oxnard St. Van Nuys CA 91411-2610 FAX: 818-781-2653

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32 Home - Groundhog
groundhog industries are leaders in the development of new & innovative ways of seeding and harvesting.

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33 Knife Reviews - Reviews Of Custom And Production …
While not strictly a “custom” knife company, Medford Knife and Tool’s knives are all handmade in-house from the ground-up. They pride themselves on their 100% American-Made pedigree, using primarily American-made tools and parts.

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34 Knife Up - The Outdoors Magazine
CPM S35VN Steel Introduction When I research knife steels for KnifeUp Magazine, I always make it a deep dive and I look at no less than two dozen websites, articles, and product pages.

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35 Mostly Printed Cnc – V1 Engineering
Bits and Bobs for the MPCNC ... All Orders above $270-Free US shipping and Lower International Shipping.

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36 Pond Parts - Water Gardening Supplies And More
Pond Parts Water Gardening Supplies and More. PondParts.Com was developed with the express intent of making the pond shopping experience quick and easy.

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37 Gold Inlaid Knife - Roman Artifacts
An iron and bone handled knife with gold inlays. This piece was part of the gold inlayed pyxis seen here. The knife is in a great state of preservation and the bone handle has remained fully intact.

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1 Bandsaw (s1hs) High Risk - Ideas In2 Action
riving Knife and guarding must be in place at all times – (no rebating or grooving) ripping fence to be extending no more than 50mm from front of blade minimum saw diameter to be displayed

2 Award Winning Competition Chicken - Iron Pig Bbq
Regardless of the knife being used, the job is a whole lot easier if it is sharp. I regularly sharpen and hone the blade I am using during the trimming I then peel the meat back enough to expose the bone. Once this is done, it is a matter of working the knife around the bone to separate the meat. Do not worry about chunks of cartilage being left on the meat because we’ll trim those off next ...

3 Skills Career Development Event Rules And Regulations
SKILLS CAREER DEVELOPMENT EVENT RULES AND REGULATIONS. 2015-16 School Year. Please Read These Rules Carefully!! General. 1. All advisors present shall serve as judges in some capacity at the West TN Skills CDE.

4 Department Of Labour
─ (1) The user shall cause all moving parts, except the working portion of the blade at the point of operation, of every band saw or band knife to be effectively guarded. (2) The user shall ensure that the machine is operated by a person trained for that particular machine.

5 Section 04500 - Masonry Restoration And Cleaning
SECTION 04500 MASONRY RESTORATION AND CLEANING. PART 1 GENERAL. 1.01 RELATED DOCUMENTS. A. Drawings, photos and general provisions of Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 Specification sections, apply to work of this section.

6 Network Implementation Plan - Pearsoncmg.com
<Customer> has assigned implementation technicians who are capable of following the implementation plan with due care and skill and giving signoff to the required parts of the partner or Cisco implementation.

7 Emergency Action Plan (template) - Safety Alliance
Cover all exposed parts of the body. If shelter is not available: Prepare a lean- to, wind break, or snow cave for protection from the wind. Build a fire for heat and to attract attention. Place rocks around the fire to absorb and reflect heat. Do not eat snow. It will lower your body temperature. Melt it first.

8 Umdns Code_ - TÜv SÜd America Website
UMDNS CODE UMDNS TERM English 10003 Binders, Abdominal 10012 Testers, Achilles Reflex 10014 Acupuncture Kits 10024 Adaptometers 10025 Adenotomes 10026 Adhesive Strips 10028 Adhesive Strips, Hypoallergenic 10029 Adhesive Strips, Waterproof 10030 Tapes, Adhesive 10031 Tapes, Adhesive, Hypoallergenic 10032 Tapes, Adhesive, Waterproof 10033 ...

9 Government Of West Bengal - Wbfin.nic.in
Agricultural Tools and implements (like/including Kodali, Prunning knife, duster/sprayer etc.). Personal Weight machine/Bathroom scale (for weighing) [used by Doctor/Hospital/Nursing Home]. Circular hanging spring balance upto 200 kgs.

10 Sizing, Selection, And Installation Of Pressure-relieving ...
STD 520 Sizing, Selection, and Installation of Pressure–Relieving Devices in Refineries, Part 1 – Sizing and Selection STD 526 Flanged Steel Pressure Relief Valves ISO 23251(API STD 521) Guide for Pressure-Relieving and Depressuring Systems

11 Case Law Index - Joasa.org.za
The trial court had found that the appellant had concealed the knife used to inflict the fatal wound, and that he had acted in collusion with the third party referred to above to conceal important evidence by furnishing incorrect statements. Those findings were not supported by any evidence. Therefore, the conclusion that the appellant was guilty as an accessory after the fact was not sustainable.

12 Why Is 77 Better Than 69 - Gf
Engelsk grammatik . 0. ORDKLASSER. En sætning fortæller om handlinger (med brug af udsagnsord/udsagnsled), hvem der står bag/udfører en handling (navneord/grundled), hvor (forholdsord) og hvordan handlingen fandt sted (biord).

13 Www.justice.gov.uk
Plate, Bowl, Mug, Knife, fork, spoon Enhanced Standard Entry Metal, china, and glass ware only allowed in open/resettlement prisons (excluding locals) subject to risk assessment IEP

14 Aoitani.net
What parts do science and religion play in your life? Please include specific details in your explanation. If you were to start a business, what business would you choose? Why? Please include specific details in …

1 Pancake Knife Case - Sbearstradingpost.com
HIDE CRAFTER DIGEST PANCAKE KNIFE CASE ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Attach baby dot fasteners in place as shown. 2. Apply contact cement to parts as shown.

2 Hilton H-200-b Bonneted Knife Gate Valves
www.dezurik.com BULLETIN 65.00-1 JANUARY 2015 Made in the U.S.A. HILTON H-200-B BONNETED KNIFE GATE VALVES - Standard Designs to 96" (2400mm) - Custom Designs to 144" (3600mm)

3 Disc Mower P A R Ts - Tractor Parts-combine Parts-farm ...
DISC MOWER P A R TS Parts are not original equipment parts and are not sponsored, af filiated, or otherwise connected with any major brand. 2 A-56115800 Bolt Kit, Disc Mower Blade

4 Knife Safety - Firstbenefits.org
Copyright © 2006 Business & Legal Reports, Inc.

5 Manual Actuator For Knife Gate Valves - Dezurik
Instructions These instructions are intended for personnel who are responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of your manual actuator.

6 Sc800 Parts List - Mackissic
16 sc800 parts list item # part # qty description 1 800-0135 1 sc800 basic machine 2 800-0124 1 shredder hopper weldment 3 900-0073 1 flex guard

7 How To Reduce Hand Knife Injuries Pps12(rev1)
Health and Safety Executive ealth and Safet ecutive H inforation sheet 1 of 4 pages Plastics Processing Sheet No 12 (Revision 1) How to reduce hand knife injuries

8 Wood Turning Lathes - Health And Safety Executive
1 of 7 pages Health and Safety Executive HSE information sheet Woodworking Information Sheet No 28 (Revision 1) Wood turning lathes Safe working practices

9 Schrade Knife Identification - Collectors-of-schrades-r.us
Schrade Knife Identification Page 1 of 3 It would be virtually impossible for me, or anyone else for that matter to list all of the thousands and thousands of patterns, special and limited editions, private special factory orders, and

10 Agmaster Will Guarantee That For Cost Per K Fit Nw Sedn G Ss
2 TABLE OF CONTENTS SEEDING KITS & REPLACEMENT PARTS Page KWIK FIT C-Shank Complete Seeding Kits 3 Point Options for C-Shank Seeding Kits 4

11 Fabricated Slide And Knife Gate Valves
F-Series FABRICATED SLIDE AND KNIFE GATE VALVES 4120 N.E. Columbia Blvd. • Portland Oregon USA 97211 Phone: 503-287-8383 † Fax: 503-281-9677 † www.fnw.com

12 The Clarkson Kgd Wafer Style Slurry Knife Gate Valve ...
Clarkson KGD Wafer Style Slurry Knife Gate Valve 2” thru 24” Total Flow Control Solutions™ Copyright © 2006 Tyco Flow Control. All rights reserved.

13 Jenn-air Bottom Mount Built-in Refrigerator …
jenn-air® bottom mount built-in refrigerator refrigerador empotrado con congelador en la parte inferior de jenn-air® rÉfrigÉrateur encastrÉ avec

14 Am-203s Am-283s Am-243s Am-323s - Triple H Equipment
Item AM-Part Number Description Serial # Ranges 203S AM-243S AM-283S Notes Hay & Forage Technology 3 AM-203S/243S/283S/323S Parts Manual AM-323S Mower Beam with Bearings

15 Morbark Parts And Service The Solution To Your Problems ...
3.24. Morbark parts and service the solution to your problems. Buying your parts elsewhere just does not pay. To keep your equipment performing at its peak use

16 Www.mackissic.com
item # 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 12p/pt/pte basic machine 900-0147 - parts list description rotor assembly

17 Diamond Needle Corp Parts For Brother December, 2008 …
Diamond Needle Corp PARTS FOR BROTHER December, 2008 ITEM # DESCRIPTION 001021-0-16 SCREW 2X10 001401-4-06 SCREW 4X14

18 Teachers Pack:layout 1 - Knife Crime, Gun Crime, Advice ...
2smart teachers guidebook 2smart 2 Introduction 2 Teachers guidebook Getting the most out of the roadshows Introduction Welcome to the 2 Smart teachers guidebook.

19 Flower Parts - Virginia Department Of Education Home
Science Enhanced Scope and Sequence – Grade 4 Virginia Department of Education © 2012 1 Flower Parts Strand Life Processes

20 Technical Data Sheet - Loctite Adhesives
Revision: May 22, 2010 Supersedes: September 21, 2009 Ref. #: 120271 Loctite® Threadlocker Red 271™ T_LKR_RED Page 1 of 3 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Loctite® Threadlocker Red 271™ is designed for the permanent locking and sealing of threaded

21 Model 498kl Remote Display Digital Scale - Scalenet.com
Model 498KL . Thank you for your purchase of this Health o meter® Professional product. Please read this manual carefully, and keep it for easy reference or training.

22 Model 499kl Waist High Digital Beam Scale - Scalenet.com
Model 499KL . Waist High Digital Beam Scale . User Instructions . P/N UM499KL Rev 1-032912 . 1

23 Parts - Great Plains Manufacturing: Corporate
4 Vantage I Fertilizer Coulter Vantage I Fertilizer Coulter Available to fit virtually any planter or toolbar! Features • For low pressure fertilizer injection

24 Standard Details For Metal - American Fence And Supply
Table of Contents **Due to Product improvements, changes and other factors, Fabral reserves the right to change or delete infor-mation herein without prior notice or obligation to make changes in products previously purchased.

25 Counterfeit Examples 5/22 - Cti-us.com
CTI Components Technology Institute Inc. Counterfeit Examples 2 IC markings can be split into four parts: 1 The prefix identifies the manufacturer - usually by a one to three letter code.

26 It‘s Easy To Build Your Own Lap Steel Guitar
Table of contents Check out this book‘s website 3 Parts of a lap steel guitar 6 What is a lap steel guitar? 7 Building a lap steel is easy 8

27 Incredible Edible Cell - University Of California, Irvine
1 Incredible Edible Cell Purpose: You will use several different food items representing the various organelles or cell structures found in plant and animal cells to construct an edible

28 Parts Of Speech - Shodhganga
257 Appendix – 2 PARTS OF SPEECH (W orkbook) Researcher Vimal Makwana Guided by Dr. Anil Ambasana DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION SAURASHTRA UNIVERSITY,RAJKOT (Gujarat)

29 4. Water-lifting Devices - Who.int
47 4.4 Rope pump1 4.4.1 The technology The basic parts of a rope pump are a pulley wheel above the well, a riser pipe from under the water level to an outlet

30 Pure Water - Watts Water Technologies
2 Introduction Thank you for your purchase of a state of the art Watts Pure Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment system. Water quality concerns are becoming more of a focus for the public .

31 Trainer (page 1) - The University Of Edinburgh
Trainer (Page 1) Activity All Adrift! This is an exercise in consensus decision making. It has two objectives: • To investigate whether teams do better than individuals in making

32 Four Connectives Games - Collaborative Learning
http://www.collaborativelearning.org/connectivesgames.pdf Food Fads Connectives Game - Instructions This game is best played with two teams with two participants in ...

33 Instruction Manual - Hobbico
3 PROTECT YOUR MODEL, YOURSELF & OTHERS....FOLLOW THESE IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1. Your Fokker DR-1 EP ARF should not be considered a toy, but rather a sophisticated, working model that functions very

34 Guidelines For Diagnosis And Treatment Of Carcinoma Of The ...
Overview Objective of Guidelines Gastric Cancer Treatment Guidelines for doctors in clinical practice is designed to 1) provide appropriate indications for

35 Factsheet - Occupational Safety And Health Administration
components, and the activities that workers perform during mechanical operation. Work practices, employee training, and admin-

36 Www.singerco.com
IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using this machine, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following. Read all instructions before using the machine.

37 Aluminum Railing - Lowes Holiday
3 Planning: a. DeckPosts are designed and manufactured to accept 3⁄ 8" fasteners (sold separately). Be sure to use appropriate fasteners for your installation.

38 Technical Data Sheet - Loctite Products
Revision: May 22, 2010 Supersedes: September 21, 2009 Ref. #: 125242 Loctite® Blue 242 Removable Threadlocker T_LKR_BLUE Page 1 of 3 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

39 Osha's Form 300 (rev. 01/2004) Log Of Work-related ...
24 Wilson, William Line leader Manufacturing Storage Area 06/02/2008 Knife cut to left hand. 10 days 7 days 25 Brown, Bob Lead Forklift Driver 10/12/2008 Warehouse Broken …

40 Chapter 31 Hours Worked
CHAPTER 31 TABLE OF CONTENTS. Chapter 31 . HOURS WORKED. 1 Source: FOH Modernization revision 6 91, published 08/10/2016. Substantive revisions made after

41 Holiday Cookies - Allrecipes.com
2 If there’s one time of year when cookies take over the kitchen, it’s the holidays, so we’ve gathered recipes for highly-rated holiday cookies

42 Know Your Upper And Lower Gastrointestinal Scopes - Aapc
C o m m i t t e d t o P r o f e s s i o n a l E x c e l l e n c e 1 Know Your Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Scopes Presented by: Laurette Pitman, RN, CPC-H, CGIC, CCS

43 Introduction To Object-oriented Programming
OOP: Introduction 1 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming •Objects and classes •Encapsulation and information hiding •Mental exercises

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